Path Users Grows Rapidly

INFO GADGET - Path seems success to make a lot of Android devices and iOS users fall in love. This is evidenced by the number of users is rapidly growing like mushrooms in the rainy season.

Social Media Path
Noted Path users increased by one million people each week. With the percentage growth of users is so great, do not be surprised if the social network now has a number of users as many as nine million people, and managed to occupy the top social networking web store on Android and iOS.

The majority of new users Path application coming from region of the UK, Spain, Central America and South America. For example, Venezuela, a country in Central America, recorded Path has been downloaded 500 thousand times in that country in just a period of one week only.

Responding to the positive achievement of social networking applications Path's Dave Morin as the co-founder stated that this application is experiencing rapid growth as they did the last update like adding an extra sticker on the application and filter purchase.

With this success, whether the future of social networking applications will visit the Windows Phone? Or even the Google Glass?

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