Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual-SIM

INFO GADGET - Allegations about the Samsung Galaxy S4 that want to spawn a dual SIM version proved the existence. By carrying out the I9502 series, the South Korean vendors have been officially announced its presence.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual-SIM
Galaxy S4 dual SIM has the exact same specifications with the equipped i9500 Exynos processor 5 Octa, ranging from 5-inch Super AMOLED screen and carry Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The difference lies only in weighs, where I9502 approximately 2 grams heavier than the i9500.

But it turns out the dual SIM version of the Galaxy S4 is prepared specially by Samsung only for the Chinese market. It is unclear whether other countries will also gets later.

In addition to the I9502 comes with dual SIM capabilities, specifically the Chinese market, Samsung actually had first presented I9508 Galaxy which is the Snapdragon S4 processor with S600.

But instead of carrying the 4G network frequencies LTE (Long Term Evolution) but TD-SCDMA which is a 3G technology that China adopted.

Rumors Samsung will also present different variants the Galaxy S4 Mini like Galaxy S4. Not only that, Samsung is also reportedly preparing a version of the Galaxy S4 which has a water-resistant capabilities.

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