New app connects neighbors with stuff to rent

Why go to a store to rent a pressure washer when neighbors down the street have one in their garage that you could use for a modest fee?

That's the concept behind Peer Renters, a new iOS app that connects people who need to borrow an item with people willing to rent that item.

The service works a little like eBay, but with a mapping component. You take a snapshot of your gear, upload it to Peer Renters and enter a price, date range and deposit, if necessary. When someone in your area looks for the item you have, you'll pop up on a map. Peer Renters takes 10 percent of the rental fee, but you work out the details directly with the owner or renter.

Peer Renters says the system is great for loaning electronics, tools, sporting goods, games, DVDs and even accommodations.

The service is new, so you may not see many owners in your area. But that could change quickly as people looks for ways to turn unused stuff into cash. Check it out in the App Store.

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