Portable labelmaker organizes your life

Need to bring a little order to your household chaos? Maybe your life could use some labels.

Dymo sells a slew of label printers for a variety of jobs, from printing paper address labels and postage at your desk to making plastic or waterproof labels for industrial uses.

Dymo's LabelManager PnP (for plug-and-play)is small, inexpensive and very portable. It's powered by an internal rechargeable battery, so it doesn't need an AC outlet. And Dymo's LabelManager program is stored on the printer. That means you can connect it to any Mac or PC, indoors or outside, and immediately go to work.

The device prints black text on half-inch-wide strips of glossy white tape that has a peel-and-stick backside. The tape sticks to plastic surfaces, like Tupperware containers, and printing doesn't smear when it gets damp, which should make the labels useful in the kitchen.

Dymo's software lets you print text in varying sizes, horizontal or vertical, in bold, italic or underlined format. It only prints one line, so don't don't plan to use the PnP to make postal address labels. You can also insert a logo or photo, but on a half-inch surface, don't expect a lot of detail.

Replacement tape cartridges, available in several colors, cost about $12. The printer costs about $50 at amazon.com and it's also available at most office supply stores.

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