Switch to Windows Phone, Want You?

Switch to Windows Phone, Want You?
INFO GADGET - Microsoft seems to take seriously the availability of application on a platform as one of the factors that attract smartphone users.

They concluded that the contrived Android users can switch to Windows Phone 8 - Microsoft's own platform - provided they can find the same or similar application with commonly used.

So Microsoft is introducing an Android application called "Switch to Windows Phone".

As its name, this application aims to help Android users who want to switch to Windows Phone 8. The trick is to find the application on Windows Phone 8 application that can replace the old platform (Android).

As quoted from CiteWorld, this application will keep track of all the programs installed on an Android device and then send the list to Microsoft's SkyDrive service.

When users log into SkyDrive account via the "Switch to Windows Phone" in the Windows Phone 8 devices, the application will find a series of the same title with the program that was used in Android devices.

If the same name is not found among the 135,000 application in the Windows Phone Store that already exists, then "Switch to Windows Phone" would recommend another application that has a function as closely as possible.

In finding such alternative programs, "Switch to Windows Phone" using the search engine of the firm Quixey application to browse descriptions, reviews, report problems, and other metadata about the application in question.

Want to use the "Switch to Windows Phone"?

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