What is Google Glass?

What is Google Glass
INFO GADGET - What is Google Glass? Simply Google Glass is a clever glasses that is developed by Google that functions like a sophisticated gadget.

At first glance, Google Glass looks similar to the glasses in general, it's just the camera lens and frame a bit thicker. For design, this product is also designed to be comfortable to wear, to the inside nose pad is also included. Form of Google Glass will also be there some sort.

In terms of smart glasses technology has been able to produce exceptional image clarity, even Google claims that the quality is the same as the 25-inch HD TV which is seen from a distance of 2.5 meters.

What is Google Glass
Then the smart glasses is also equipped with a 5 MP camera that can record video up to a resolution of 720 pixels. Not to forget also the internal memory of 16 GB to accommodate the entire recording.

In addition to the Google Glass also promised to communicate with the Android smartphone, whether it's to send data or simply to stream the song. And also comes with a micro USB port, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g, and Bluetooth.

To sustain all its Google Glass is also equipped with a battery. Google claims this smart glasses can be used for 1 day.

The features in the Google Glass was more complete with the presence of an additional application called MyGlass. Applications can be downloaded via the Play Store can be used to send GPS coordinates or SMS.

That is a very cool gadget.

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