New cable designs keep you charged up

Your mobile phone battery is almost out of power, but you don't have a charging cable. Sound familiar? We all make room for our phones, but nobody wants to carry around a snarled cable.

When these new cable concepts arrive, it will be easy to always have a jumper cable close at hand.

The Jumper Card is the size of a thick credit card, which makes it convenient to tuck away in a wallet, purse or pocket. It has two pop-out extensions. One has a USB plug to connect to a computer or an AC connector and the other has three widely-used connectors: Apple's wide 30-pin plug and its new  Lightning plug plus a standard micro USB.

Packed inside the card is an internal battery with enough juice to add about an hour of life to an exhausted phone. A tiny flashlight built into the edge of the card is another nice touch.

The Jumper Card is expected to sell for about $35 when it reaches the market. Get more details at
The Chargekey from Nomad is even more portable as it's designed to fit on a keyring. It has a USB plug on one end of a black stalk and either a Lightning or a micro USB plug on the other end. The middle section of the stalk is flexible rubber, which helps you make a snug connection.

Both versions sell for $29 at Nomad's website. Both were on back order when I last checked.

The Torso cable does double duty and a charger and a display stand. Like the Chargekey, it has a USB plug on one end of a short cable and a micro USB connector at the other end. (A version with the Lightning plug is under development).

The cable also has a pair of flexible legs that let you use the Torso as a display stand for a mobile phone when you're watching a video or having a video call. It can also be a tripod for timed snapshots.

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