Plugging into online book clubs

Reading a good book? People are talking about it over at Goodreads.

While the book chatter can be lively at Barnes & Noble's website and a few others, none of them can match the action at Goodreads. It's a book-lover's playground that boasts 25 million members, 29 million reviews and 20,000 book clubs.

If you can't find one that fits your interests, you can start a new one. Someone out there shares your love of memoirs by punk rock stars from the 70s.

Goodreads connects to Facebook, so you can see what your friends are reading. It also lets you build lists of books you have read or want to read and there’s a feature that will analyze your reading habits and offer books that you might like, like Netflix guesses your movie interests and Amazon recommends music.

You can read more about Goodreads and other online book clubs in my latest column at

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