Visteon to unveil wireless charger for your car at CES

Visteon, better known for delivering high-quality audio equipment for vehicles, will be showing off a wireless charger for portable electronics at CES. We have few details other than that, but we can tell you that the charger will plug into (what else?) the cigarette lighter in your car or truck. No more rushing from wall outlet to wall outlet. You can tell from the photo that the charger will support devices from nano iPods to PDAs and even digital cameras. You can also tell from the photo that the charger is a bright shade of green. We can’t wait to see how that green looks when bright sunlight hits it. One question we have off the top of our heads: Will you be able to listen to tunes while you charge that MP3 player? In the same vein, will you be able to use that GPS device while you’re keeping it juiced up?

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