Apple "iPhone Mini" Price Estimation

Apple iPhone Mini Price Estimate
INFO GADGET - According to rumors, Apple will release the iPhone is more pocket friendly. Want to know what are the estimated costs for this iPhone?

According to Brian White, analyst at Topeka Capital Markets, during a visit to a trade fair in China, low-cost iPhone will be released Apple in the range of USD 350 - USD 400. White also claims to have spoken with the company and supplier to Apple partners. Coupled with a variety of related info, finally he came to the predictions of the USD 350 iPhone.

In his report, White said that Apple mobile phones as an iPhone Mini. Taken from the family line of iPad with pruning specifications to offer lower prices.

"We have also noticed that the price may be higher than expected, about USD 400. And now we're projecting costs in the range of USD 350 - USD 400 for this iPhone Mini " White said in a report that quoted from Todays iPhone.

If so, then Apple is considered to have hit their profit margins in order to serve a larger market, which is in the midrange smartphone segment.

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