Samsung Galaxy S4 Unique Features

Samsung Galaxy S4 Unique Features
INFO GADGET - In addition to top-class specifications, Samsung also provides some unique features in the Galaxy S4. What are the features of the main attraction of this latest smartphone?

1. S Translator
S Translator likelihood is very useful for those who like to travel to different countries. This feature can translate languages​​, either from words to words, words to text or text to speech.
If you are a tourist from England to Japan. Then you want to ask for directions to the local people who do not understand English, while you can not speak Japanese. Then you do not have to worry about it. Simply press the icon S translator then spoke in English. Galaxy S4 and will directly translate into Chinese through the speakers.
Currently, S Translator only understand 9 languages ​​including French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and of course English.

2. Smart Pause
Smart Pause allows video currently running will be stopped automatically if the user's eyes are not staring at the screen. Then continues back if the handset detects the user's eye is back looking at the screen.

3. Smart Scroll
Smart Scroll allows a web page or email up and down without having to touch the screen because the sensor on the handset recognize facial movements when looking at the screen. Then simply move the handset user to increase or decrease the page.

4. Water View / Air Gesture
Both of these features make the Galaxy S4 can be operated without touching hands on the handset screen. Air View allows users to see a preview of the email content S Planer, photo or video simply by showing fingers to the intended content without touching it. With a note, fingers should be close enough to the screen, about one or two centimeters.
While Air Gesture allow the user to change music tracks, raising or lowering a web page, or move images in gallery simply by waving hands. With a note, must be waved over a sensor located at the top of the handset.

5. Dual Camera
Dual camera front and rear cameras make Galaxy S4 can record simultaneously. Interestingly, the recording frame front face camera can be moved as desired. This feature can make precious moments more memorable. For example, facial expressions can be recorded when the mother saw her infant growth.

6. Sound and Shoot
When recording images, users can also record sound. So not only images, but also accompanied by sound to record precious moments.

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