How To Navigate Google Glass?

How To Navigate Google Glass?
INFO GADGET - Smart glasses "Google Glass", can be controlled in various ways. Besides controlled with fingers, head movements and voice commands; Google smart glasses can also be controlled with the blink of an eye.

Navigation smart glasses is revealed in the line of programming code in the application MyGlass that it became Google Glass assistant. A Reddit user site which was named fodawin dismantle and take screenshots MyGlass application programming code and reveals some interesting information about how to navigate Google Glass.

There is no code that explains how to navigate, includes: HEAD_GESTURES, EYE_GESTURES (including WINK_TAKE_PHOTO), BROWSER_TWO_FINGER_ZOOM, GUEST_MODE, and COMPANION_SCREENCAST.

How To Navigate Google Glass?
Navigation with fingers to surf the internet. With this, users can pinch the trackpad to zoom in and zoom out page of the site. Smart glasses will be embedded with a sensor to detect sound and motion commands.

Taking photos can be done with a wink. However, one feature that seems to be disabled. Users do not want to be bothered if every time a wink and smart glasses always taking photos.

Given the smart glasses still a prototype product, Google apparently still looking for the best way to navigate Google Glass. How to navigate that too much will make it difficult for users to explore the features of Google Glass.

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