Acer Liquid E2 with Quad-Core Processor

INFO GADGET - Acer has released the next generation of smartphone Liquid E1. This smartphone is Acer Liquid E2 armed quad core processor.

Acer Liquid E2 with Quad-Core Processor
Liquid E2 is also the first smartphone manufactured by Acer equipped quad-core processor.

This smartphone is was officially released with specs quite charming. Equipped with quad core processor, this smartphone will also be equipped with two SIM card slots. Acer Liquid E 2 has a screen measuring 4.5 inch QHD. In addition, this smartphone also provides audio features that will pamper its ear.

Liquid E2 brings technology DTS sound on the speakers embedded in it. In addition, this smartphone also features Moodagent the music player application.

As the name suggests, Moodagent can pick a playlist of songs that are stored in the smartphone memory and play it fit the mood of the user.

If viewed in terms of price, this smartphone has a fairly affordable price. With these specifications, the Acer Liquid E 2 will be priced around $ 300.

For the near term, the Acer Liquid E 2 is only marketed in countries such as Belgium, Dutch, Ukraine, France, Spain, England, Italy, Germany, and Russia. However, this smartphone will reportedly also be marketed globally.

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