Asha 210 Introduced For Chat Lover

Technology Nokia Asha 210
INFO GADGET - As promised at last Nokia introduces its new product. Not as rumored, the new product was not derived from the Lumia series but Asha.

Quoted from Nokia Conversations (22/4), there is a picture of a Nokia product that is yellow with a physical button. Some have thought that Nokia will release a new Lumia by adding a qwerty keyboard or keypad.

Nokia also announced that it will introduce the product on Wednesday (24/04 - today) at 08.00 am in London, England, or around 14:00 pm.

Finally in accordance with the previously announced, Nokia introduced the new product.

Different than expected, it was not the Lumia series which was introduced by the Finnish company but from the Asha series.

Phones with this name Asha 210 is the first product from Nokia that is equipped with buttons fast or quick keys to access the application WhatsApp.

Because it is Asha 210 is created for lovers of wireless communications segment, then a lot of chat and social networking features embedded inside.

WhatsApp addition, there is also a Facebook application, Twitter, Gmail and more. Nokia Asha 210 comes in two variants: the single and dual simcard simcard.

For design, no need to doubt because Nokia always deliver products with unique designs and attractive. Reportedly, the Nokia Asha 210 will ship in Q2 2013, with an estimated price of around USD 72.

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