Heavy sleeper? Screaming Meanie will blast you out of bed

Have you ever overslept and missed an early-morning flight or an important meeting? I've found the cure for heavy sleepers. It's called the Screaming Meanie and it will blast you out of bed with the power of an air raid siren.

The Screaming Meanie is a battery-powered clock combined with an adjustable high-volume alarm. For lighter sleepers, set it at 70 decibels. That's comparable to a dog barking. To wake the dead, choose 120 decibels. That's like great seats at a Kiss concert.

The Screaming Meanie can also be a comfort when you're sleeping in an unfamiliar place. The alarm can scare away an intruder or be your call for help.

You can find Screaming Meanies in a variety of colors for about $35 at amazon.com and other online sources.

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