The Top Five Most Frequently Downloaded Aplication

INFO GADGET - Facebook is reported to be the most common free apps downloaded on Google Play Store during the month of April.

A report has been released by Distimo about the top five positions in the free app category in the Google Play Store.

In the report, it is known if the Facebook application for Android devices who occupied the first position in the list. For the second position is occupied by a large platform messenger that WhatsApp Android devices. For third and fourth places respectively occupied by the VoIP application Skype and Facebook Messenger.

Whereas in the fifth position in March last occupied by game Temple Run 2 applications now been won by Instagram.

The Top Five Most Frequently Downloaded Aplication

It appears from the report output if the social networking application made ​​Mark Zuckerberg still dominate Android devices in the application by placing two rows of five most frequently downloaded applications in April 2013.

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