Nokia Phablet - Bigger Than a Smartphone But Smaller Than a Tablet

INFO GADGET - Some time ago it was rumored that Nokia will soon release its first Phablet to the gadget market.

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This time, the rumors are reinforced by information from the Mobile Magazine which states that the Finnish company would actually release a device that is "bigger than a smartphone but smaller than a tablet."

As quoted by Neowin, Nokia will release a product called Phablet around the fourth quarter of 2013, before the holiday season begins. Display devices based on Windows Phone 8 is alleged measuring 6 inches with a resolution of 1920x1080.

About the price, Nokia is expected to be set in the range of 400-500 pounds. The price level is still debated since it is proportional to the current Nokia flagship, the Lumia 920.

Nokia itself has not confirmed about the existence of Phablet device in question.

When talking with investors after the publication of the financial statements of Nokia's first quarter, CEO Stephen Elop just said it continued to experiment with the "wider form factor and other things that can be done".

Elop also added that Nokia will soon start the "season of new product introductions". One product that is the Lumia 928 will reportedly be launched in the UK for the near future.

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