Google Hangouts - A Serious Challenger of WhatsApp

INFO GADGET - Google has officially introduced a messaging service called Google Hangouts at the Google I/O 2013.

Google Hangouts which is a messaging service that will work across all smart devices are claimed Google would be a serious challenger in the market WhatsApp later.

Google Hangouts - A Serious Challenger of WhatsApp
Google Hangouts itself is created to replace theirs previous messaging platform such as Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, Google+ Hangouts, and Gmail chat as well as a successor to the platforms.

Services are claimed to be cross-platform user interface gadgets this OS will be used on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and even can be used in offline conditions.

This is because the Google Hangouts has been providing features such as message storage to the cloud so that the message can still be sent even if opponent conversations in offline conditions.

In addition, Hangouts also provides security features such as a video chat that is not yet available in other messaging platforms. This feature will be used both for service Hangouts on the web or on mobile devices and can be used to include multiple users at a time.

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