Genius Vision Behind Open BBM on iOS and Android

INFO GADGET - BlackBerry Messenger or BBM is better known as the best selling product of Blackberry for the past 5 years. However, rather than making the application itself, Blackberry voted for it to be used as an integrated feature with the device.

In this dynamics, Blackberry finally realized. They decided to open the service on other platforms such as iOS and Android.

Genius Vision Behind Open BBM on iOS and Android
For many, this is a step presumed suicide. Many have predicted that the Blackberry will slowly disappear from this cause.

However, Thorsten Heins, CEO of BlackBerry, is not a fool. Figure that the surge succeeded in reviving this Canadian company does have a genius vision behind the move to open BBM on iOS and Android.

Indeed, this new BBM will be more visible than it already is well over the years. Users can do group chat even up to more than 30 people and can exchange a variety of data. This is rarely owned by the same application.

Plus, this time Blackberry has made a claim that they have more than 60 million users. This is a great start for BBM.

Estimated, 60 million people will invite friends who use iOS and Android to follow install BBM on their devices. Can be imagined, if each person of these Blackberry users be able to invite one of their friends, then there will be 120 million BlackBerry users in a short time.

This matter is still very rude and arguably the worst-case scenario. If only every 60 million people are able to invite more than one person, then it's not impossible BBM will be able to defeat similar applications.

It is very fast if we compare with Viber. Multi-platform instant messaging application it must first take pains to get 200 million users.

Moreover, BBM is currently implementing different technologies from those previously in Blackberry 7 device downwards. Latest BBM not use a centralized server so that access to data traffic and chatter could possibly happen did not lag or crash as it did in older versions of BBM.

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