Galaxy Note III With a Flexible Display

INFO GADGET - Recently reported that Samsung will complete the device Galaxy Note III with a flexible display.

Technology Galaxy Note III
Galaxy Note III will use a flexible screen having previously been criticized by some quarters in the previous design.

As is known, the design of the previous Galaxy Note III will initially use a plastic screen that is claimed as a device that will have the first plastic OLED screen in the world.

Based on the news, this plastic OLED screen alone would have reduced weight when compared to a similar technology display that is made of glass.

In addition, it was reported that the screen will be much thinner than OLED screens used on the Galaxy Note II. This makes the Galaxy Note III also predicted to have a body thickness is much reduced compared to the preceding series.

But along with the proliferation of the news, finally Samsung rumored to be replacing the material on screen Galaxy Note III with a flexible screen. The plan, the Galaxy Note III will be launched in September this year.

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