Flickr New Face, The New Strategy With a Lot of Criticism

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INFO GADGET - Yahoo on Monday announced an overhaul in the face of their photo sharing site, Flickr. These changes include a redesign on the homepage, the page images and photo stream page.

Besides changing the face, the company led by CEO Marisa Mayer was also gives a bonus photo storage for each user up to 1 terabyte and also an update on Android applications.

But, changes and abundant a bonus does not necessarily make users happy. Grievances even arrive. At least it looks from scathing criticisms that poured in Forum Help on the Flickr site.

"Messy, too different and does not work as it should. Could we get a long view and make changes little by little rather than a major overhaul," wrote one user in the forum.

"Change back!This is horrible - messy screen - beautiful or interesting images are reduced to so many parts of the page.This is horrible. Absolutely horrible," said the other.

Flickr design overhaul is part of Yahoo's strategy to engage the young people who are active in the internet world. Yahoo boss, Marissa Mayer considers photo-sharing site as one of the main weapon to keep the rivalry with Google and other competitors.

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