Next Cool Gadget Apple in 2013

INFO GADGET - Can not wait for Apple's latest product? Patience, the company from Cupertino, California, United States is preparing a cool new gadget in 2013.

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It was confirmed directly by Apple CEO Tim Cook. "I do not want to be too specific. However we have some cool gadgets to be released at the end of 2013 and throughout 2014," Cook said during a press conference related to Apple's financial statements, as reported by ABC News.

But the question is, which product will be released? Because the rumor mentions various possibilities and predictions of Apple's latest gadget.

If the mobile phone, the product could be the iPhone 5S or iPhone versions cheap. Similarly, when talking about tablets. As reported by ABC News on Wednesday (24/4/2/2013), which could be released Apple iPad 5 or iPad mini new series.

Previously it was rumored, Apple will use plastic to reduce the cost of manufacturing the iPhone. Thus, the iPhone will be cheaper. Although plastic, Apple still will maintain unibodi design which means the rear can not be opened.

Apple has also set up a fifth-generation iPad. Reportedly, this new version of the iPad will undergo some changes, particularly in the areas of design that is more sexy.

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