BlackBerry Z10 is Still Not Able To Conquer The United States

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INFO GADGET - BlackBerry, formerly known as Research in Motion - is okay have high confidence in their BlackBerry 10 gadget. But unfortunately, the BlackBerry Z10 is still not able to conquer the United States mobile phone market.

Indeed, there are no official figures for the BlackBerry Z10 sales in the United States. But at least, from a survey conducted Raymond James research institutes can give some idea about the Canadian mobile phone enthusiasts.

Raymond James questions posed to the respondents was a little eccentric, one of which is 'what smartphone do not want to buy?'. This question is to show how much resistance towards a smartphone user.

And the result, the highest figure - which actually means the least desirable - the percentage of 71.4% of respondents indicate that the survey involved have no desire to buy a BlackBerry. That was quoted from All Things D.

While the iPhone has been rejected by 19.7% and approximately 31.3% of the vote Android respondent.

These results actually still like an overview of the world smartphone market. Where according to IDC, Android and the iPhone is still dominated by capturing more than 90% of global smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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