X-Mini is a ball of sound

The affordable X-Mini speakers are about the size of a billiard ball. Give the top a twist and the two ends separate, connected by a bit of flexible tubing that becomes a sound chamber.

Connect the attached audio cable to your music source and you are rewarded with surprisingly rich sound. The X-Mini easily outperforms many of the low-priced sound docks and portable speakers that I've tested.

The little orb is powered by a rechargeable battery that gets refueled through a USB cable. The speaker has its own volume control and an output jack that lets you daisy-chain several X-Minis if you want a bigger bang.

The X-Mini comes with a USB cable and a travel pouch. Amazon.com sells the speaker in several color options for about $25. For $40 you can get a stereo version or one that plays music from a memory card.

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