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A Posable Funboy Web Camera would be a fun companion for your video conversations over the Internet. It would maintain a nice smile on your face and allow you to change its position anyway you like.
The built-in web camera has a 350 kilopixel CMOS sensor with 1.3MP software interpolated and microphone, while the image resolution reaches 640 x 480 pixels at up to 30 frames per second and 24-bit true color.
It features USB 2.0 connectivity via a 90-cm long cable, Windows Vista and Mac support, while measuring 115 x 80 x 50 mm.
We haven̢۪t tested it to see the image quality but we assume it̢۪s an entry level model, as it costs just 10.27 EUR.

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Instead of the boy you might like a Posable Robot Web Camera. Both models are designed in such a way to look funny but in the same time to provide flexibility, allowing you to set it according to your position in front of the PC. The robot camera features 360-degree adjustment and has the same characteristics as the previous model described, with support for Skype and MSN live conversations.

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