Nokia SUPREME Is World’s Most Unique & Expensive Nokia Ever [Limited-Edition Diamond Encrusted Nokia Handset Priced @ £99,995]

Luxury-Nokia-Supreme-diamonds-1Stuart Hughes, the Liverpool-based company behind the iPhone 3GS SUPREME, the solid gold PS3 SUPREME or the golden Nintendo Wii designs that got our eyes in 2009, are at it again, by announcing the new Nokia SUPREME as the “world’s most unique & expensive Nokia handset ever made”.

Keeping away from the expensive golden metal that has made Stuart Hughes famous for their previous models, the new Nokia SUPREME is now encrusted with 12.5 cts of pink diamonds and includes 1225 individually set sparkling gems — all of which feature a 3ct single cut flawless center diamond. A magnificent piece of tech uniquely designed to get the eye, Nokia SUPREME also comes with solid hallmarked platinum handmade veneers that features 8 platinum screws and has navigation buttons covered in 83 grams of platinum.

But all these goodies come for a price, as Stuart Hughes have added a £99,995 price tag to this blinged out Nokia SUPREME and have promised to only build it in a limited edition of only three units.

Way out of your league, but intrigued to play with one of these? Don’t worry, so are we!

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Chelx said...

Glittery bling on your phone. Nice one. I think LOWER PRICES got them for a lower price. ^^,

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