Apple Acquires Mobile Advertising Platform Quattro Wireless [Apple to Replace Google with Its Own Advertising Platform?]

google-vs-appleWhile the battle with Microsoft seems to be won by Apple
so far, a new war of the giants is emerging. Apple and Google, once very good friends, are becoming fierce enemies fighting in the mobile business and not only.

Google and Apple have been for a while two companies with very different interests. That’s why they worked great together. But lately Google has been focusing on other stuff that’s not necessarily related to its main activity area which is advertising. The search giant has been developing its own mobile platform, Android which is the main adversary of Apple’s iPhone right now. Furthermore Google is also working on the Chrome OS which has the potential to deal an important blow to both Apple and Microsoft in the computer business.

On top of everything Google dared to create its own Android phone, the Google Nexus One, which by the way is a great device when it comes to specs and features. Do you think Apple and Steve Jobs are angry with Google?

Well I don’t blame them but I will remind everyone that competition is beneficial as it drives companies to come up with better solutions for our basic needs.

And if Google stepped on Apple’s toes, it’s Apple’s turn to fight back. Cupertino wants to replace Google as fast as possible. Last year it has acquired its own mapping system which should replace Google Maps in the near future and now we hear that Apple purchased Quattro Wireless, a mobile advertising platform that should also replace Google in future Apple products. Apple spent $275 million for the purchase and we it will probably spend even more developing it according to its needs.

With Google controlling the web
through its many useful services and with Apple creating more and more “out of the box” products, I’d say that each company should focus on their piece of the puzzle. But unfortunately both Google and Apple are ready to go into unknown territories as the first one is creating gadgets while the later one is starting to focus on Google-like services.

Who will win the war? Which side will you choose?

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