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Cooler Solutions:
Jonathan Loudon, Managing Partner
Christopher Ferguson, Partner
Mike Loveless, Designer
Michelle Thompson, Designer

The biosync programmable thermostat utilizes thermal efficiency formulas, differential temperature and biophilia to inspire and educate the home owner towards a smaller energy footprint.

Thermal efficiency
Heating and cooling units (more specifically their heat exchangers) perform most efficiently when their temperature is within a certain range of the air it is conditioning. As such, keeping the target temperature within this range will ensure efficient energy usage.

Differential temperature
People sense their environment's temperature as a differential; that is, they do not judge absolute temperature, but instead judge whether a space is "warmer-than" or "cooler-than" another. Utilizing this hypothesis can drastically increase the efficiency of a home heating and cooling system by aligning with thermal efficiencies.

Biophilic Inspiration
People have an unconscious connection with nature and all living things. This bond is biophilia. It has been shown that this connection, biophilia, can motivate people to protect their environment.

Biosync's ambient LCD interface displays energy efficiency information as nature imagery. When energy use is efficient, the interface displays inspiring nature imagery - when energy consumption exceeds thermal efficiency, the plants wither and die. Biophilic feedback educates the home owner that their actions DO in fact directly effect the environment. As people strive for a maximum biophilic inspiration, they learn their comfortable temperature range and reduce their home's energy footprint

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