In its quest to provide you with the optimum HD video viewing experience, LG has stepped up the HDTV competition by providing a "borderless" 1080p SL90 HDTV. You have seen television monitors getting slimmer and wider, but with a bezel only less than an inch wide it appears you are watching your favorite TV shows and movies right out of your wall.

The 42-inch LG SL90 is also one of the slimmest flat panels because of its LED backlighting that not only boost image contrast ratio, but also cuts energy consumption. The 120MHz refresh rate makes onscreen motion more pleasing to the eyes as it removes blur, a usual problem in 60MHz LCD TVs. It also has four HDMI ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB.

LG has yet to release its official date, but expect a beeline if the LG SL90 HDTV becomes available come holidays.

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