This robot does windows

One of the more intriguing new products that I saw at the Consumer Electronics Show last January was the Winbot 7, a robotic window washer made by Ecovacs.

The device clings to a glass surface using vacuum suction to defy gravity. It crawls around the window surface scrubbing away with soft cloth pad that you spray with a cleaning solution. When it has the entire window covered, it beeps out a little tune when has everything covered.

The Winbot looked pretty impressive in the demonstrations I saw at CES. Earlier this month, I had a chance to try it on my own windows and the results were quite satisfactory.

The Winbot works best on large open windows. It cleaned the standard-sized double-hung windows in my home, but getting the Winbot in position to do its work was almost as much of a chore as cleaning the glass myself.
The Winbot's $400 price is a little on the high side, but I'm sure some people would pay just about any price to avoid window-cleaning duty.

You can find the Winbot online at

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