Tumblr Users Annoyed With a New Look And Ads

Tumblr Users Annoyed With a New Look And Ads
INFO GADGET - Tumblr user anxieties since being acquired by Yahoo with value 1.1 billion U.S. dollars finally happened. After the change of the view that for some users confuse, micro-blogging site also displays some ads that are considered disturbing by its users. Tumblr has now been filled by a variety of ad-named "Sponsored Web Posts".

Some companies, such as Viacom, Ford Motor Company, Universal Pictures, Capital One, and AT & T, suddenly appeared in the middle of this site. One interesting thing is, some of these ads actually have seen, in-like, and in-reblog up to 10 million times since they appeared on the Tumblr.

In addition, the Tumblr display also been recast. Some key functions that usually are at the top, now moves to the bottom right. These changes eventually getting sharp criticism and protests from its users. No wonder that these days most of the Tumblr users ultimately chose to switch to WordPress.

The report quoted the CEO of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg in his blog. Mullenweg wrote after Yahoo bought the official Tumblr, as many as 72 thousand users in an hour suddenly turn their blogs to WordPress. "Usually we import 400-600 of Tumblr posts per hour," he said.

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