Scanning services make it easy to convert photos and slides

Like many families, my parents had amassed a large collection of family photos. By the time that collection was passed on to me, they had filled 23 albums with something close to 8,000 photos. And that didn’t count the boxes of negatives and 35mm slides.

Then it was my task to figure out how to share the photos with family members and distant relatives scattered around the globe. That means getting the photos converted into digital images along with some of the slides and possibly the negatives.

I got started on the job using my home scanner, but to finish the work, I'm going to need professional help. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that will scan large quantities of photos and put them on a disc or storage device for a reasonable price.

I took a look at four services that get good user reviews and offer a range of services and prices. One services charges as little as 8 cents per print and another will work with photos mounted in albums.

For an over view of each, check out my latest column at

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