New!! Three Variants Toshiba Excite Tablet

New!! Three Variants Toshiba Excite Tablet

INFO GADGET - It has been reported that the Japanese electronics giant, Toshiba, enliven the launch of new products at the Computex 2013. Toshiba is known to have launched three new tablet with a super sharp screen.

The three latest tablet from Toshiba are Excite Pro, Excite Write, and Excite Pure.

Toshiba Excite Pro is the latest tablet from Toshiba that carries super-sharp screen. Excite Pro Tablet adopts 2560x1600 pixel display with Tegra 4 processor.

As for the RAM, this tablet has a capacity of 2GB, 32GB storage is also added with a microSD slot. For cameras, Toshiba embed of 8MP camera sensors.

The second tablet is the Excite Write, which is exactly like Excite Pro. This tablet is a tablet digitizer touch screen which has a specification using pen and handwriting recognition. Unfortunately, at the launch, Toshiba does not include TruPen because it is not available. However, Toshiba is promising TruPen will soon be available along with updates to the application TruNote on the latest tablet.

As for the Toshiba Excite Pure, is a budget tablet when compared to both. This tablet has a 1280x800 pixel screen specification and uses the Tegra 3 processor. Different with these two new Toshiba tablets that use the Tegra 4 chipset.

For RAM, this tablet provides a capacity of 1GB, 16GB storage. Toshiba embed to the main camera with 3MP sensor.

According to the source, all three will be simultaneously present in the market starting June 25, 2013 at a price of about USD 499 for Excite Pro, USD 599 for Excite Write and USD 299 for Pure Excite.

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