Where to find those Bogart and Bacall oldies? It's not Netflix

Warner Archive offers DVD collections of
films from before the censors
ruled in Hollywood
Now that video rental stores have all but disappeared, it's harder than ever to find those movies you remember from years ago.  Maybe it was a gangster film starring Edward G. Robinson, a romance with Clark Gable, Lon Chaney in a spooky thriller or Audie Murphy shooting his way through the Wild West or World War II.

For years, those old films moldered away in the vaults of the movie studios. We saw a few gems like "Casablanca" or "Lawrence of Arabia" make it onto videotape and DVD. But for most of the titles, the studios didn't see enough demand to justify the cost of pressing and distributing home video versions.

Now, most of the major studios have on-demand services that will burn a DVD just for you. They will sell you a copy of "High School Hellcats" or "The Gene Krupa Story," even if you're the only person who wants one.

For more on the Warner Archive, Oldies.com, and a new streaming service for classic and cult films, check out my column at MyWell-Being.com.

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