Sky-Bound Balloons, Google's Strategy to Add Users in Asia and Africa

Sky-Bound Balloons, Google's Strategy to Add Users in Asia and Africa
INFO GADGET - How to distribute the Internet connection in areas that do not have adequate infrastructure? One solution is to use a sky-bound balloons fitted with a Wi-Fi transmitter.

That's what Google is reportedly about to be done to connect the regions of Africa and Southeast Asia to the Internet network.
Sky-bound balloons serves as a platform floating in height so that the signal emitted by Wi-Fi can cover an area of ​​hundreds of square kilometers. Google reportedly will lobby regulators in developing countries that became operational area this sky-bound balloons , to allow television frequencies used for Wi-Fi signals.

Television signal frequency is lower than the standard Wi-Fi so it has a penetrating power and range of buildings higher than the frequency of Wi-Fi signals in general.

In this way, Google hopes to add about 1 billion new Internet users. To support his efforts, Google has also made ​​a cheap Android smartphone ecosystem which power saving. This internet giant last week rumored to be plunging into the cellular business in Africa and Asia.

Google itself seems indeed been working on the concept of an Internet connection with a
sky-bound balloons for some time. Patent about the sky-bound balloons that is used as the communication platform has been proposed Google since 2000.

sky-bound balloons Google is also reportedly planning to set up a satellite-based wireless internet system to achieve the same goal.

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