Oppo Find 6 - Next Smartphone From Oppo

INFO GADGET - As a company that has just entered the Android smartphone market, Oppo looks very aggressive. Not long time after the launch of the smartphone Oppo Find 5, the China-based company has developed a series rumored successor of the device, the Oppo Find 6.

Technology Oppo Find 6
Oppo does not seem to play in developing the product. They were reportedly ready to immerse great specs in Oppo Find 6.

According to rumors, later Oppo Find 6 will be equipped with the latest processors from Qualcomm, Snapdragon S800.

Although named Find 6, this device will not come with a screen size of 6 inches. The device will still follow the steps "elder brother" by using a 5-inch landscape display that supports 1080p resolution.

Oppo Find 6 will also be equipped with 2GB of RAM and NFC chip.

Unique from the Oppo Find 6 is the camera. At the front of the device, there will be a camera with a large image resolution, at 8 megapixels. If the rumors are true, Oppo Find 6 will be a smartphone with the biggest front camera resolution. While on the back, Oppo embed 13-megapixel camera resolution.

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