Nexus Google Smartwatch Teaser

Nexus Google Smartwatch Teaser
INFO GADGET - Had faded, the rumor about smart watches re-emerged. This time the issue is revealed about the design of Google Watch.

Although still appear in the form of the rendering result, smart watches designs have similarities with the design of smart watches that Google had registered his patent.

In its definition, the patent describes the wireless transceiver, display, until the processor. Not only that, the two touchpad located on the left and right side of smart watches are also included in the definition of the patent.

Quoted from Vr-zone (03/05/2013), both the touchpad can be used to select an application to perform the zoom a web page. Even so, users can also use the touchscreen to operate the smart watches.

Well, the rendering result of the clever design of the watch shows the functions defined in the Google patent register.

Video teaser showing the results of the rendering Google smartwatch design were made ​​very cool as if that's the design that will be carried by Google smartwatches later.

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