Google+ Photowalk - Get Your Google Glass

INFO GADGET - Google+ photowalk plan is touted as the largest in the history photowalk. Hundreds of people have been registered in the event which also involves a number of photographers.

Event is held by San Francisco's Google+. No kidding, for the successful participants will be able to bring home the smart glasses made ​​by Google, of course Google Glass.

Google+ Photowalk - Get Your Google Glass
In the invitation published on their official page, the event will be held on 14 May, while the detailed information will follow later. To be sure, the participants were released to bring any camera, whether it's a camera phone or a DSLR.

Behind the Google+ Photos team also took the photographer named Thomas Hawk, Trey Ratcliff and Robert Scoble to enliven the event. Up to now, the number of registered participants has exceeded 800 people.

Google+ itself is still trying to do a variety of strategies to pursue popularity could rival Facebook. In the U.S., Nielsen reported that the average G+ users just spent 6 minutes 47 seconds in the service in March.

The number is still far less when compared to Facebook, where the user should spend an average of 6 hours 44 minutes per person during the same period.

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