Google+ New Look

INFO GADGET - Google have proved their step, which will change the look of Google+ today.

At the time of the opening of the Google I / O 2013 yesterday evening (15/05), there are many products that will be released and a new revamping to be done by this giant company. One is providing a new design for a social networking site made ​​by them.
Google+ New Look
Do not have to wait until a today later, Google quickly change the look of Google+ have become more attractive. Even Google also provides pop-up notifications for Google+ users to be able to learn what's new in Google+.

In this new view, Google divides zoom which was originally only one line into two with a smaller size. On the left there is a row of buttons for accessing tools and other pages, such as profile, people, photos up to Hangouts On Air.

Since its release a few years ago, only this time, Google+ looks more attractive appearance. And again, if at first glance, to be sure internet users will immediately recognize that a new design of Google+ is similar to what competitors are owned by Facebook.

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