Google Glass Simulation, Glass Sim

INFO GADGET - If you feel USD 1,500 is too expensive for the price of a Google Glass, do not worry. Currently, existing Google Glass simulation application called Glass Sim.

This simulator was created by Mutual Mobile, a company focused to create mobile products and develops simulators for developers. So, when many who wonder what it's like to wear Google Glass, Mutual Mobile also makes this device simulations.

To use this simulation, you do not have to buy special equipment or anything. Simply by visiting this website that has been provided and explore it directly.

After entering into it, try to upload a picture of what you want to use as background. Thus, this background will be changed to a screenshot of a Google Glass user standpoint.

Unfortunately, there are no more than demonstrate the usefulness of this simulation images. This is reasonable because it is not a single Google Glass supporting applications that are ready for use.

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