Apple - No Longer Innovative Than Competitors

 Apple - No Longer Innovative Than Competitors
INFO GADGET - Most investors are now beginning to think Apple is no longer innovative than competitors. Intense pressure from competitors making company founded by Steve Jobs overwhelmed.

As many as 71% of investors surveyed by Bloomberg stated Apple has lost its light as an industry innovator. Although 43% of them still believe that only lasts for a while.

As many as 23% of respondents still believe Apple's most reputable companies in the technology world. Then if disaggregated by region, 83% of investors in Asia and 74% in Europe assessing Apple lose innovation. As for the U.S. are in fact home to Apple, 'only' 63% assess Apple lost direction.

"They did lose momentum. Yet still the point where they can change it. They still have a strong brand," said Lionel Mellul, head of Sunrise Brokers.

Apple has kicked off the industry with products such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad. But this time, there is no longer as powerful as the three new products.

The current situation is even less favorable because the competitors that use Android gives great resistance. And sometimes offer something more innovative.

"Apple currently does not really innovate again. There are firms such as Samsung who now heads, which makes Apple look like the left," said Gala Prada, market watchers from Fiatc Seguros.

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