Apple iWatch Release in 2014

Technology Apple iWatch Release in 2014
INFO GADGET - Rumors about the presence of Apple's smart watches, iWatch, it is not a secret anymore. Lot of media have reported on these devices.

Recently a well-known analyst at KGI Securities named Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple iWatch states that will be launched in 2014.

Kuo statement of his analysis is based on rumors that Apple is famous for its truth. Now he confirmed that the previously rumored iWatch present this year, was delayed due to the complexity in terms of making the smart watches.

Known, Apple itself had difficulty in developing smart watches due to lack of human resources. In fact, reportedly the Cupertino-based company is also a member of the team will pick up OS X.

Moreover compile the iOS device as small as it would be difficult. As you know, this is just iWatch screen measuring 1.5 inches. So, what is the new Apple iWatch will release next year?

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