Android OS Series Which Most Widely Used

INFO GADGET - Android is currently in its heyday which this year still leads the market share of the OS in the world. But you know what OS the Android series of the most widely used?

A data reported by PhoneArena, showing the distribution of the Android OS Donut start of the series until Jelly Bean Android devices that are used all over the world.

To know the complete data related to the distribution of the use of the Android OS, you can see the chart below.
Android OS Series Which Most Widely Used
From these data, it was revealed that the series had been the Gingerbread OS is the most widely used in Android devices to date with the percentage utilization reached 38.5 percent.

Meanwhile, for the latest Android OS is Jelly Bean series only occupy third position in terms of use in Android devices with the percentage of 26.1 percent. But the predicted percentage of Jelly Bean will increase in the near future over the coming smartphone Galaxy S4 and HTC One who carries these OS series.

For the second position themselves occupied by serial Android OS 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich with a percentage of 27.5 percent.

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