Malware on Android

INFO GADGET - Explosion in the number of users of Android-based devices in recent times apparently accompanied by things that are less good. Android device users is increasing evidently an impact on the growing number of threats to mobile operating system made ​​by Google.
Malware on Android
According to the mobile security company NQ, as quoted from Ubergizmo, the number of Android devices infected with malware increased by 300 percent from 2011 to 2012.

Number of Android devices that are exposed to malicious programs in 2011 reached 10.8 million. Whereas in 2012, found no increase in NQ to 32.8 million Android devices.

In total, there is a 163 percent increase in malware across devices in 2012 compared to the previous year.

In addition, NQ also found that 95 percent of malware detected on a mobile device apparently made ​​specifically for Android devices. The discovery seemed to want to show that the Android platform is now a primary target of cyber criminals.

NQ also reveal the three countries with the highest malware infections in Android. The three countries are China, India, and Russia.

The attack occurred in China with 25.5 percent, India with a value of 19.4 percent, and Russia with a 17.9 percent rate.

To avoid the threat of malware attacks on Android devices, NQ suggested for each user to download or run applications from sources that are obvious, such as Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. Update the operating system is also highly recommended.

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