IPhone 5S With Color Options

Iphone 5S With 5 Color Options
INFO GADGET - IPhone 5S still awaited. Even today, issues surrounding the iPhone 5S colorful increasingly often echoed ..

Reports about iPhone 5S with more colors 'bold' already has quite a sound. This breakthrough once break standard iPhone that is always present in black and white.

Topeka Capital Market analyst, Brian White, said that Apple would likely provide more variants of the new iPhone. Varian is one of the color options. The issue is further confirmed by a Japanese site Macotakara who also thinks the same. According to them, the iPhone 5S will come with five color options.

Not in detail what colors will be chosen to dress Apple iPhone 5S. But chances are the same as the 5th generation iPod that carries a choice of black, white, pink, yellow, blue and the special edition red.

Macotakara adds in his report that the iPhone 5S will likely be announced in July 2013, followed by the official release to the market in August.

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