Intel Media - Intel TV Services

INFO GADGET - Manufacturers, known as a global product processors, Intel, expand their business more seriously. Whereas in the past the U.S. companies get serious about the smart phone segment through the Atom processor, Intel is now rumored to start steeped in business TV services.

Intel Media - Intel TV Services
Its seriousness is evident from the news that Intel has begun approaching the leading TV entertainment company Time Warner, Viacom and NBC. Although not entirely true, the news also said that Intel is developing a set-top box of his own.

Uses the set-top box, users will be able to easily select the desired entertainment. Both are running and determine for themselves the desired content.

But unlike cable TV services in general, Intel is reportedly relying on an Internet connection to send content to the set-top box.

To further strengthen its services, in addition to a number of big-name entertainment TV, Intel is also reportedly close to Disney, CBS, and News Corp. Even Intel is also reportedly eyeing collaboration with renowned news agency CNN.

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