ARM Cortex - A57 New Processor

ARM Cortex - A57 New Processor
INFO GADGET - Almost all high-performance smartphones processor technology certainly adopt ARM Cortex-A15. But soon, the adoption of these technologies will probably be replaced.

because the rumored ARM in collaboration with TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is developing a successor to the Cortex-A15 is touted to be carrying the designation Cortex-A57.

Cortex-A57 has reportedly adopted a 16 nm TSMC manufacturing process. Even so, the technology used transistor count on 20 nm manufacturing.

Thanks to the fabrication of increasingly smaller, the Cortex-A57 mentioned would have performed 3 times faster than the Cortex-A15, but with the same low power consumption.

With these capabilities, reportedly plans ARM processor technology to immerse the latest on tablet devices, computers, and even servers.

Unfortunately there is no further information regarding the specifications that will be carried by the processor, which reportedly has begun to enter mass production.

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