Apple Hybrid Laptop Concept

INFO GADGET - MacBook and the iPad will be a hybrid laptop concept. Devices that can be converted into a laptop or a tablet is present in Apple's latest patent is registered.

Reported by Tech Radar, in a document published U.S. Patent Institute (USA) The sketch looks complete laptop-tablet hybrid, with illustrations display that can be removed and attached. More or less similar to Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga and XPS 12 from Dell.

Technology Apple Hybrid Laptop Concept
Thing that distinguishes it from existing hybrid laptop, is a way to recharge the battery. The devices included in the list of 'wireless display for electronic devices'. That is, most likely this device uses wireless charging technology.

Written statements in this document, there is a wireless display chip installed. This chip which will communicate with the resources to recharge the battery, so it does not require wires to a power source.

Interesting to know Apple patented this product. Whereas previously, a number of websites and tech blogs had reported how Apple CEO Tim Cook had mocked the idea of ​​a MacBook-iPad hybrid.

"Anything can be forced to put together. But the thing is, the product is to be sold, and you will sacrifice points that may not be fun for other people," he told CNET last year.

"You can bring a toaster and a refrigerator, but it may not satisfy the user," he added.

Interestingly again, Apple also recorded frequently patented technology or type of product, but the technology or the product never made​​. Well, if the laptop hybrid wireless charging will be realized, or just a patent?

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