Thanko Announces Super Slim Video Pen 2 [Spy-Friendly Thanko Super Slim Video Pen 2 Shoots HD Video On The Sly]

thanko-super-slim-video-pen-2-hd-spy-camThe Japanese USB evangelists at Thanko have updated their sneaky spy cam pens to now capture HD-quality video. Today, Tokyo-based Thanko revealed the Thanko Super Slim Video Pen 2, a hidden camera system that fits an HD-capable camera and a mini-USB connection into the non-business end of a traditional pen.

The Thanko Super Slim Video Pen 2 is a logical follow-up to the popular (and creepy) Super Slim Video Pen, a device with a tiny hidden camera above the clip. The pen features a working ball point, but when the button atop the pen is held, the camera becomes active. In contrast to the original spy cam pen, the new Super Slim Video Pen 2 shoots higher quality video, 1,280×960 HD at 30fps. In addition to video, this pen also snaps JPEGs at the same 1,280×960 resolution.

The new Thanko Super Slim Video Pen 2 has a mini-USB connection and internal drive capable of storing up to 1.5 hours of video. The pen will also accept microSD cards, and an 8GB unit will supposedly record 6 hours of video. Secret agents, spies and perverts can get their hands on the Super Slim Video Pen 2 for $65.


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