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Team CPDM - India

Team Members: Devavrat A. Madhavi, Himanshu Mishra, Nikhil R. Katre

Everyone talks about renewable energy today as a green source of electricity, but we thought of an 'ever lasting' and ubiquitous source of energy which remains unutilized. It is the flexion that happens in muscles and synthetic materials like straps and belts in our everyday activities that goes unutilized.

The concept uses principle of piezoelectricity to harness energy from these everyday and all time activities like breathing, walking and does so without needing a conscious effort from the user.

The most promising example can be of an activity like breathing, which anyone does all the time, produces expansion and relaxation of torso, especially of abdominal region of the person, where we normally wear belt. This expansion and contraction induces alternate stresses in the belt which can be utilized to produce electricity, by using principle of piezoelectricity. Similarly, 'Infinit-e' can be used in other scenarios like exercising, traveling as follows-.
- One can cling it on to waist belt and use deflections during breathing to generate energy for any of the electronic device
- One can cling it onto straps of back-pack to harness oscillations during walking to charge your gadgets
- Another area is in public where you can use it in mass transportation systems, on the straps of handles or safety belts where a lot of oscillations and jerks can be converted into useful energy.
- Gym equipments are the other area where once again this device can be used to cling on to stretch cords and other belts etc to generate energy.

In fact, 'Infinit-e' can be used to cling on anything that is undergoing alternate tension and relaxation to generate electricity. Thus, it has infinite possibilities of generating energy, which explains its name รข€“'Infinit-e'

'Infinit-e' eliminates the dependency on localized charging points and allows you keep charging your gadgets while you are on the move. And as most of the portable consumer electronic gadgets are used while on the move it also gives you freedom to avoid carrying substitute batteries. Thus, a direct reduction of redundant components required for providing us a continuous source of energy on the move occurs. This results in enormous savings in energy and materials used for making these components like chargers and batteries and elimination of their harmful impacts on environment. Also this will eliminate the need of adapters, transformers for charging the device. This explains the green motive behind this product which is to replace a larger set of components and dependencies in usage of electronic gadgets and help have a positive social, economic and environmental impact during the entire lifecycle of electronic gadgets, at the broadest level.

At another level, Infinit-e has indirect green implications of reducing the packaging material used with consumer electronic gadgets, since now there are no redundant components like chargers and adapters. This leads to a reduced packaging and transportation cost, energy and impact.

Infinit-e will help in setting a new paradigm, of eliminating redundancy of components in usage of any gadget, by eliminating need of separate charging adapters and transformers, batteries. This will give new direction in the development of future technologies for human kind which use resources economically and gadgets which encourage such practices of utilizing ubiquitous means of energy and look for more opportunities to harness unutilized forms of energy.

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